Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Stills-Barns

These are pictures of our calving barn. There are stalls with straw in them and a small bunk house in case someone needs to sleep at the barn to watch the cows during the night.
Most of the time they calf just fine by themselves, but sometimes a calf has to be pulled, or if it's really cold the momma and new born baby have to come in the barn so the calf doesn't freeze to death.
Have you ever heard the saying "Never work for a man who has lights in his barn"?
Generally on a ranch job you are paid a monthly salary. You work from sun up to sun down and are lucky if you get Sundays off.
You want to be careful to check out the barn before you sign on with the outfit. If the rancher has lights in his barn, you might be working all night too.


Paula said...

I heard that saying from Willie and have been very careful about my employers lights ever since! LOL!

Don't forget to go back and leave a comment on the barn post at Sunday Stills so that everyone will know that your pictures are up!

Andrea said...

Fantastic shots!! I can never get your link to work on the Sunday Still site....I had to a little guessing to get here (but so worth it). :)

Shelby said...

great photos and I learned something!

Ed said...

Nice shots, I've never heard the saying but it makes sense...:-)

Twisted Fencepost said...

I've never heard that one either. But I will definitely keep it in mind. Around here we have lights in the barn, so we can have barn parties. A friend will call up and say, "We're lightin' up the barn, ya'll come on over".

VioletSky said...

Ah, couldn't get to your link before, found you in a comment.

I'd not heard that expression, but it makes sense. I'm sure the work is hard enough during daylight hours! That barn looks comfortable.