Saturday, August 27, 2011

Things That go Bump in the Night

 Something very strange happened in the dark of the night.
 I suddenly woke out of a deep sleep to my big brave husband turning on the light and scurrying out of the bedroom pulling the door shut behind him.
 What caused such odd behavior was flying back and forth through our bedroom at breakneck speeds, a small black bat.
 I quickly pulled the covers over my head and peeked out to see the man of the house in nothing but his birthday suite peeking through the door and the bat whizzing by right above the bed.
 I pulled the covers over my head again.
 Making a rush decision I slinked over to the patio door and opened the screen, all along hoping that creature of the night wouldn't fly into my hair biting me and passing on a deathly bout of rabies.
 After several more frightening pass's back and forth the bat made a quick exit out the opened door.

  What has happened to my night in shining armour who would stop at nothing to save a damsel in distress?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Home Town

 Growing up in a small town has it's quirks and funny tales. I just visited my home town of Elgin, Oregon.
 My brother Todd & his wife Gidge bought a house & are raising a family in this great little town. The house they bought was our shop teachers home. It has a huge shop in which they found my uncles Phil's name carved on a bench.
 We got to spend the day wandering around Elgin, looking at Grandma & Grandpa Simmons big brick house and homes we lived in as children.
 It brought up old memories of growing up in this small town.

1. We used to walk the dogs to the cemetery and play around there.
2. Running all over town on Halloween night.
3. Having "Black Plastic" as our band for school dances.
4. Being a goat farmer on Cricket Flat.
5. Helping Grandma at her hardware store.
6. Watching bats fly through the night sky catching bugs.
7. Playing in Grandma's huge lilac bush's.
8. Eating BBQ fries and 10 cent ice cream cones at C-zers drive through.
9. Going to the Elgin Stampede (our local rodeo)
10. Walking to the grade school from the high school for lunch, stopping at Vickie's on the way back and missing my first class after lunch.
11. Reading every dog or ghost book at the grade school library.
12. Fishing in Phillips creek.
14. Going roller skating.
15. Santa coming around in a fire truck to deliver treats to all the houses on Christmas eve.
16. Playing "PAC-Man" at the pizza parlor.
17. Watching "Grease" at the theater. The same one my mom used to go to as a girl, with a bullet hole in the screen. Shot by a movie goer who got a little excited when the bad guy came on the set.
18. Buying penny candy at the "corner market"

Tell me some memories of growing up in your home town.

Monday, August 8, 2011


 Today I am preparing for a journey.
 My daughter Dawn and I are taking a trip to my home state of Oregon.
 We will leave early tomorrow morning and travel half way there.
 I've made a date with my sister Susan to explore Elgin Oregon, the small town we grew up in.
 We will stop at Caesar's Drive Inn for lunch. They make BBQ fries to die for. I haven't tasted these succulent potatoes for over 20 years. No dought I will come away with a craving for their tasty burgers and fries which nobody can duplicate.
 From there we will drive over the mountain to visit my Dad & Grandpa, Superior fishermen to tell a few tales.
 After that we will be on our way to my niece Brittany's wedding, which is being held in Washington's beautiful bay's of Puget Sound.
 I am so excited about this trip and have been planning it for months.
P.S. I will post pictures when I return.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Turn The Page Tuesday

 Is it really August already? This Summer is slipping by so fast.
 My book this month for "Turn The Page Tuesday" is
 Luanne Rices "Summer Light" This book has been sitting on my shelf for several years waiting until I was ready to read a romance.

 May Taylor works as a wedding planner, passing on the timeless traditions of her grandmother and mother. The Taylor women have always believed in the presence of magic in everyday life especially the simple magic of true love and family. Yet May's own faith in true love was shattered when she was abandoned by the father of her child. Still, she finds joy in raising her daughter Kylie, a very special five-year-old who sees and hears things that others cannot....

 Martin Cartier is a professional hockey player and sports legend. His father, a champion, taught him to play to win-at all costs. Now Martin's success veils a core of heartache, rage, and isolation. Yet Kylie glimpses the transcendent role Martin will play in May's life and her own--unless his past tears their blossoming love apart. Then only Kylie will see the way home-- and only May will be able to lead them there, if she can believe in magic once more.

This was a fun book to read.
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