Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Crafty Wednesday

This is a little bag I made. I got the pattern and material at Center Diamond Fabric's in Cannon Beach, Oregon.
If you ever get a chance you've got to go to this little fabric shop. They have very up to date fabric and patterns. I wanted to buy everything in the shop.
Their website is:
The Easter bunny must have liked this bag. He came hoping along and filled it up with goodies.


Twisted Fencepost said...

Cute little bag!
Next Easter, I'm gonna make one and sit it out for the bunny to fill for me. He never visits me anymore. Now I know why. I didn't leave a cute little bag for him to fill!

Shelby said...

That is a gorgeous little bag. You did good.

Paula said...

Nice! I knew it would be cute and the Easter Bunny did a great job of filling it!

Ed said...

Very cute..:-)

Adrienne said...

How cute! I see why the Easter bunny couldn't resist ;-)

Mary said...

Ok, I'll be different, I can see using that bag as a fun litte purse!