Monday, April 27, 2009


Fluffy is so ashamed.

She did it again. Several times a year Fluffy spots a skunk and can't resist going after it.

After being sprayed she always heads strait for the garage.

This time she brought the injured skunk with her and boy do things stink around here.

I did get rid of the skunk and cleaned up the mess, but that smell will be penetrating the air for quite awhile.


Mary said...


Oh no! That has to be the worst smell on earth and your poor dog. I remember Meeko once jumped on a skunk but pinned it down while it had it's head in the neighbour's garbage and it took off and didn't spray him. However, he still smelled a little of skunk. I can't imagine how bad it would have been had it actually sprayed.

Have a great week.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Poor thing. He looks truly remorseful or is it disdain because of the smell? I can't tell for sure.
They can't resist the challenge, can they?
I have one like that and she has come home smelling like skunk on more than one occasion.

Adrienne said...

Oh No! We have a family of skunks that live in our neighbors yard but they come to ours to eat our apples! The babies (or what were babies - they are grown now) were so cute ... regardless we didn't want them around b/c they are fairly domesticated - they came up on our back porch while my hubbie was out there - walked right in front of him - he nearly had a heart attack!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Eeewiie!!! Not good, not good! I remember people talking about rinsing the dog in tomato juice. I do not know if it works, but it sure would take a lot of tomato juice!

Paula said...

Naughty naugthy Fluffy! You'd think she'd learn one of these days. Good thing Noah wasn't there that day. He would have joined right in the fun.
What's all over her?

DO NOT pet her for me today~

Paula said...

Perfect song for this post!!

Ed said...

LMAO!!!! So, how much tomato juice did you use???? I'm glad Maggie Mae doen not bring home such treats..:-)
p.s. the look on his face is priceless.