Saturday, March 17, 2012

Quality of Life

Walking and exploring.
That's what I do to renew my spirit.

I take my two traveling companions along and off we go.

    On top of the hills I can gaze at the large expanse of sky and see neighboring farms. The sun glinting off ponds and lakes and smell the dry grass left from last fall. On a large rock I find this survey marker.

    Then I work my way down through the woods where squirrels are chasing each other about through the trees. I step on crunchy leaves and find an old car that was crashed and left behind years ago. Is that a bullet hole? I wonder what stories this old Ford would have to tell?

            It's only March but just a few scarce spots of snow and ice are left and they are turning to water. Green grass's are beginning to pop up under the trees.

All is right with the world.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lets go on vacation

 Let's go on vacation. Anywhere you want to go. Price is no object. You can take this vacation any time any where. You don't have to pack your bags or disrupt schedules. Just get away in your mind.

    Sometimes I travel to a sunny beach under a palm tree, azure waters, seagulls calling, soft warm sand on my tan bare feet.

    Other times I go to a mountain meadow, wild flowers blooming in the green grass, clouds floating in the blue sky overhead, birds chirping in the nearby forest.

       Once in awhile I travel back in time to visit my grandma and Grandpa in their brick house. It's summer time and I feel loved and cared for. Nothing to trouble my young mind. I play in the sprinklers with my siblings and cousins. The scent of blooming lilac's fills the air. There are games to play and trees to climb.

      Where will you go for your day dream vacation?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Treasures in the woods

   I like to go treasure hunting out in the woods. Last week I found a buffalo skull lying out under the trees. It had been there for quite some time. Not a speck of tissue was left on the bones, just a few bird droppings and debris from the woods.
    I packed my new found treasure home. Submerged it in a sink of bleach water, dug out my paints and got to work turning the skull into a piece of art.

     Thank you dear buffalo for letting me find your final resting place under the trees.