Sunday, February 19, 2012

Northern Lights


 We drove to Rugby 40 miles north last night to dine at the newly remodeled Dakota Farms restaurant. The walls where covered with granite tiles in carmel tones. The recessed lighting and wall sconces resembled salt lamps which promote the power of healing. It was all tastefully done and very busy.

 We enjoyed an ice cold draft beer with our tender, juicy prime rib dinner. I'm sure we will be making this trip in the future when in the mood for a nice meal.

 Driving home on this dark winters night I couldn't help but notice how bright and clear the stars where sparkling in the sky. Gazing to the north I noticed a finger of light streaming down but looking back I thought, no It's just a reflection from inside the cab of the Blazer. But driving further we noticed these strange lights changing shape and becoming brighter. We stopped along the gravel road and turned off our lights. I zipped up my coat, pulled up my hood and stood outside gazing up into the night sky to view the waves of light moving acrossed the sky. This is the first time I've seen the northern lights and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. We drove acrossed the frozen ice of Antelope Lake to get home and watched them from the darkness of the lake.

 What an awe inspiring night this was. A wonderful dinner and the unexpected gift of viewing the Aurora Borialis on a winters eve.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Not a waisted day.

   Penny spotted this little squirl in the tree outside our window.

 It's a good day to sit in front of the fire with a hot cup of tea and a good book.

 Mom always said "There are never waisted days. Just days to rest and get better.

 I did something to my back Friday that has progressively gotten worse over the weekend to the point where it hurt to open a door, sit in a chair, get out of a chair or drive. This morning the pain was making me sick to my stomach, so I showed up to work and got some details worked out. I was lucky enough to get into the chiropractor and went home to take it easy.

 I'm hopping in a day or so my back will be better and I can go about business pain free.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine

 Tom T Hall sings the things that make life worth livin are old dogs, children and watermelon wine and I have to agree with him.

 My loyal companion of 14 years is gone. She passed away two weeks ago.
 It's sad to loose a good dog. Dog people get broken hearts through out their lives. Our dogs have shorter life spans than we humans.

 Fluffy would have been in her 90's in dog years and she was still going on walks with me until the week before she died. She couldn't hear well or see much out of her cloudy eyes. At times she would run off into the woods following a sent trail and not be able to find me again. She would be waiting back at the house when I returned wondering when we where going on our walk.

We got Fluffy when our daughter Dawn was three years old. Dawn insisted on naming this collie cross Fluffy and she did look like a little fluff ball.

 Once when Fluffy was still a small pup Dawn and I where taking a walk out in the field. We had a bunch of young horses that enjoyed running around bucking and kicking up their heels. As these colts and fillies came rushing towards us Fluffy positioned herself between Dawn and the renegade horses and barked ferociously at them.

 Fluffy spent her life as a farm dog always ready to protect the chickens from any predators coming their way.

She led a good and useful life.
We will miss you Fluffy