Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

" Over the hills & thru the woods,
To Grandmothers house we go.
The horse knows the way,
To carry the sleigh,
Thru the cold & drifting snow."
We just came back from North Dakota, So plan on spending Thanksgiving day
just relaxing at home.
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Here is on of my neighbors.
She probably thinks I am very unfriendly.
I drive past her almost every day.
Some day I shall invite her over for a cup of tea.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Breast Cancer Birds

I read an article in "Angels on Earth" about Jennifer & immediately went to her website to check out her art & order some cards.

"After the initial shock of discovering she had cancer, Jenifer decided to turn this very negative time in her life into a very positive time and help others cope with cancer in anyway she could. Just a few years earlier, with no formal training in art but a true love of birds, Jennifer had begun painting birds as a hobby and to give as gifts, using water colors and her own detailed technique."

"Jennifer did not create the five Breast Cancer Birds to be art masterpieces, but from the heart, to be given as gifts to the ones who helped her so much through this trying but enlightening time in her life."

Check out her website at

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tales from Water Street

Long ago & far away, we lived in a magical old house on Water Street. It was in south eastern Alaska. In the island town of Ketchican.
We had no front yard, just a few steps leading down to the side walk, which took you down Water Street to a small market, where we would walk to pick up a loaf of bread or gallon of milk. There was always a wolf dog laying out side the store. You didn't dare get near this dog. He would growl if you got to close.
The back of the house had a huge picture window looking out on the ocean.
We had a parakeet named Davey, who sat by the window & helped us look for pirate ships.
One of the ships we kept an eye out for was "The Flying Dutchman" a notorious ghost ship. Legend has it, the captain made a deal with the devil & the vessel is doomed to sail the oceans forever.
Looking out the window and down to the rocky beach, one day we saw a terrifying sight.
My older sister Susan and cousin Jenny where crawling out on a rock to get a quarter. The tide was coming in and waves where pounding against the rock. They did get a good spanking for that adventure!
My cousin vernon and I had great times exploring the caves and searching for treasures in tide pools.
I had a pair of little, red, canvas tennis shoes. The kind that the rubber comes up over the toes. I thought I was to old for shoes like that, so one morning, before school, I hid them under my bed. Mom searched frantically for them while all along I knew just where they where. At the last minute realizing I had no other shoes to wear I crawled under my bed to get them.
Across the street and up the road a bit lived a very nice lady. She had long grey hair, kept in a braid. She had wooden steps leading up thru her yard to the house, with trees & bushes all around. She had birds and squirrels that she could feed by hand.
May first she invited all the neighborhood kids over to do a May day dance. She had a pole with ribbons attached to the top. We each took a ribbon and with her instructions weaved in and out around the pole to create a beautifully decorated May pole.

What are your childhood memories of special places you lived?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

When I am old

When I am old,
I will live in a redwood cabin,
in the woods.
I will have a long grey braid,
trailing down my back.
I will have bird feeders,
all over my yard.
I will hike in the mountains &
fish in the streams.
I will pick berries &
grow beautiful flowers.
I will raise goats &
sell arts & crafts.

These are some of my dreams for the twilight years.
Tell me some of yours.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank you!

Thank you to all of our veterans. The brave men & woman who have gone thru hell to make America a safer place to live.

Thank you to my Grandpa Sannar, my Dad, my uncles Randy & Phil, my nephews Sam & Ryan who are currently serving & all the others who have so bravely

served our country!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gales of November

The gales of November are blowing today!
Although we are far from the ocean. It reminds me of the Gordan Light foot song "The Edmond Fitzgerald"
Sometimes I imagine the prairie is the sea & the grass blowing in the wind as waves.
It's not hard to imagine you are on a boat, when you gaze up at the vast expanse of sky.
Ahoye mattie! Come allong with me.
We will sail the seven sea's!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Old Hallow's Eve

Old Hallows Eve was upon us & we started out on our great adventure.
Our first stop was "Perk County Coffee Co.
Where we filled up on drinks & snacks to keep us going.

Here are the young ghouls running the shop.

Down town we saw ghouls & goblins every where we looked!

What a fabulous Halloween Night!