Saturday, January 21, 2012

Coyote Dog

Souri's getting bigger and bigger.

 Soon she will be able to chase away those mean old coyote's that want to eat our calves and chickens for dinner.

 The coyote's have been really bad this year. Four of them came into our calve pen the other night.

 Luckily the dogs started barking alerting us to the situation in time to chase them away before they did any damage.

 We try to keep the coyote population under control, but this year with no snow to plow through, they can run to well.
 These coyote's are very smart. As soon as they see you they are off, faster than a speeding bullet.

 We will have to keep a close eye on the baby calves in the spring.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pretty Winters Day

It was a very pretty day today.
The thermometer read 40 degree's

 When I went out to clean the chicken coup I had to take off my vest. It was way to hot.
 This winter has been nothing like the last two, where the temperature didn't get above 15 degree's for three months with piles of snow.
 We have a little skiff of the white stuff and have had no major snow storms so far.
 Quite a few days this winter we have been able to let the chickens out to peck around the yard.

Here's a picture of Fluffy and Souri enjoying a walk today.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

And The Winner is

The winner for Mom's Birthday contest is Adrienne

I will be sending out "The Healing Quilt" by Laurain Snelling.

Enjoy Adrienne and everyone stay tuned. I already have idea's for next years contest.

 Thanks goes out to everyone who entered. This makes the contest lots of fun and brings back fond memories of my Mom.
 She was always entering contests with the hopes of winning a Grand Prize.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mom's Birthday Contest

This is my favorite picture of Mom.

 Reading was one of Mom's favorite past times.
 She gave all of her children the love of literature. We all enjoy escaping into the pages of a good novel.

 Mom's Birthday is coming up January,9th.
Although she passed away over ten years ago my sister Paula and I still celebrate her Birthday.
 Every year at this time we post a contest on our blogs and give away something that reminds us of our Mom.

This year I am giving away a "Mom" book.

 In "The Healing Quilt" by Lauraine Snelling When her Aunt Teza faces a second bout with breast cancer, Kit Cooper resolves to raise money for a new mammogram unit by creating a magnificent king-size quilt to be sewn and auctioned by the women of Jefferson City.

 With hearts rent by loss they mend their lives one stitch at a time.

 Just leave a comment on my blog and you will be entered in Mom's Birthday Contest.

 Check out my sister Paula's blog and see what she is giving away this year.