Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Dining Room

We've been doing some remodeling this winter.
Here is our new dining room.
The kitchen was so cramped & unhandy and the dining room was clear over in another part of the house. So we opened up the wall to the office & turned it into a dining room. This makes it so much handier.
This big table & china cabinets all came with the property. I've never had china hutch's before.
Now I have plenty of room for company.
Come on over. We'll have tea & cake while enjoying a rousing game of Rummy.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snow Shoeing

Have you tried snow shoeing?

It's pretty awesome.

You can walk through the deep snow, where no man has walked before.

It makes the dogs pretty tired following along.

I saw buffalo, wild turkey's and whitetail deer.

This is the sort of thing that renews my soul.

Tell me what renews your soul.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Emergency

Winter is defiantly holding us in it's icy grips.
We woke up Saturday morning to a new covering of snow. Driving to work that morning was a bit scary. No one Else had driven out our way, so there were no tracks to follow. Everything was white. In some spots you couldn't tell where the road ended or began. I drove about 15 or 20 miles per hour for about seven miles before I got to a road that I could see some old tracks on and ended up back tracking six more miles to get to the highway. I did make it to work in one piece. Needless to say I was a bit late.
That day the snow continued to fall so the hospital called a snow emergency. In a snow emergency you have to stay if scheduled to work the next day.
My boss Denice called and said "Stacey you stay at my house." She insisted I sleep in her comfy bed and she slept on the couch.
We had a great girls night, eating pizza and playing cards & dice.
What a great group of people I work with.
I'm back at home now.
The snowplow has bladed the road and the sky is bright blue with plenty of sunshine.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Meet Fredrick The Gnome

Meet Fredrick. He has had a long journey from the west coast town of Astoria Oregon to the mid west area of Anamoose North Dakota.

You would think the little fellow would be worn out from the long road trip, but no he is full of energy. Just today he has chopped down two tree's and made a huge pile of fire wood, taken a walk in the woods, a ride on his snowmobile and now he is checking out the cookbooks to see what kind of tasty concoctions he can come up with.

Fredrick does seem to like it in North Dakota.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Turn The Page Tuesday/Favorite Dog Stories

My turn the page Tuesday book this month is James Herriot's "Favorite Dog Stories" I have been reading it to residents at work. They love dogs & children so I thought this would be a book we all would enjoy.
James Herriot was a Yorkshire veterinarian and wrote great stories about his practice.
In this book Jock the sheepdog, rescued from neglect by a doting-and dotty-mistress; here is Brandy, a mutt who's only happy (and healthy) when he's digging in a dustbin; here are Border collies, dachhunds, even Tricki Woo, the memorable Pekingese. And as always, in these pages the celebrated Yorkshire vet brings to life these animals human counterparts, painting them with warmth and humor in equal measure. Brought to life by the vibrant watercolors of Lesley Holmes, this collection of tales is a welcome gift from one of the greatest storytellers of our time-James Herriot.