Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fancy Coffee?

Are we up town or what?
This fancy coffee maker arrived in the mail yesterday. It was an incentive for buying allot of lumber and since my husband is a contractor, we buy lots of building materials.
We've always just had a little cheap Mr. Coffee.
This coffee maker has a grinder and everything. Instead of passing by those aromatic beans in the market I will have to stop and pick some out.
Do you think the coffee will taste better, or is it just as good brewed over a campfire?
We used to make coffee in hunting camp in a big metal coffee pot. You just put the coffee grounds on top and boiled it. After it's done you try to skim the grounds off the top, but you are bound to get a few in your mug.
It was always the wranglers job to get the coffee brewing before he went out to chase the horses in.
I would be in the cook tent whipping up pancakes and eggs to go with that coffee.


Mary said...


I'm not sure how the coffee will taste in the new coffee maker. I do know that here in Canada Tim Hor*ton's coffee maker makes superb coffee. I would love to have one, but they cost $200 and I'm not about to put that out for a coffee maker unless I win the lottery. LOL

A tip for coffee boiled over a camp fire. Grandma used to use an old coffee pot like the one you speak of. When it was ready, she poured a little cold water into the spout. That made the coffee grounds settle to the bottom and you didn't get many in your cup. Maybe the odd one, but it definitely works.

Enjoy your new coffee maker and be sure to tell us what the coffee tastes like.


Shelby said...

congrats on the new coffee maker! I love fresh ground coffee made from fresh ground coffee beans. I definitely recommend it every day! :)

Twisted Fencepost said...

I don't drink coffee, so I can't answer your question. But I love the smell of it brewing. I really never paid attention to the different smells. Now you've got me wondering if you can tell better coffees by the scent of it brewing.

Paula said...

I think you're new coffee maker is very hip! It'll make great coffee, but don't know if anything can beat campfire coffee. and campfire pancakes. Mmmmm......

Ed said...

Its all about the type of coffee used and the water, but having a Krupps helps..:-)