Monday, January 31, 2011

Turn The Page Tuesday-Christmas Books

 "Kafka On The Shore"  Translated from the Japanese by Philip Gabriel

 This book is powered by two remarkable characters; A teenage boy, Kafka Tamura, who runs away from home- either to escape a gruesome oedipal prophecy or to search for his long-missing mother and sister- and an aging simpleton called Nakata, who never recovered from a wartime affliction and is drawn toward Kafka for reasons that he cannot fathom.
 As their paths converge, Haruki Murakami enfolds readers in a world where cats talk, fish fall from the sky, and spirits slip out of their bodies to make love or commit murder.

 "Kafka by The Shore" brings you on a journey to other dimensions and strange worlds.
 This book is definitely out of the realm of reality, but is an interesting read.

 Seven years ago when our daughter Dawn was in third grade, she wrapped up and gave me the book "Coraline" for Christmas. In my stocking I found a marble in a gold draw string bag.
 I was finishing another book at that time, so it took me awhile and some prompting from Dawn "Mom, did you read Coraline yet?" to get to this fantastic book.
 Only after reading "Coraline" did I find out what the marble signified.

 Read "Coraline" and find out. you won't be disappointed.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

do dads

 I've been working on do dads lately and have finally gotten out of my crafting slump.

It started out as an embroidery project I took to town during a big snow storm to keep me busy. My sister Paula had given me the pattern for my birthday a year and a half ago. It was to be my next project just as soon as I finished a cross stitch design. I decided after a year and a half to give up on that darned old cross stitch project & move onto something new.

 After that I made a set of cards out of do dads (little crafty things I had laying around the house.) I gave them away in"Moms Birthday contest"

 In the mean time our sixteen year old daughter needed birthday gifts for two of her friends, so I got out  my beads and made them necklaces.

 Next I just had to make a bracelet & found a pattern for an awesome pillow.

 Yes, my creative juices are flowing.
 Oh no, I don't think I have time to go to work!
 I don't think my boss would appreciate it if  I called in (to busy working on do dads)

What do dads have you been working on?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Moon Shadow

Last night was the full moon.

Yes, I'm being followed by a moon shadow,
moon shadow, moon shadow.
Leaping and hopping on a moon shadow,
moon shadow, moon shadow.

 The moon is beautiful and fascinating as it rises up into the night sky.
 During the full moon the sun, moon & Earth are in line causing gravitational force to effect the ocean tides.
 Do these forces also effect living beings?
 I'm not sure?

 I do know that I'm much more likely to go out into the night if there is a bright moon lighting up the shadows.
 I remember as a teenager skating and sledding with my sisters on several moon lit nights.

 The moon light seems to make snow glow and sparkle.

                                Tell me about your adventures under the moon.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Letter From Norway

 We received a surprise in the mailbox. A letter from the far away and fascinating land of Norway.
 My husbands Willie's niece Karis lives on the Norwegian coast & sent the most intriguing letter telling about her family's life . The letter was written so well and was a joy to read. I plan to keep this letter in a safe place for future pleasure.

I will share with you the first paragraph "Greetings from the Markhus household! At the moment it's November. The sun is slipping further and further South in the horizon, shining thin, pale light, always from behind something: a tree, a mountain, a building, like just before sunset. Sunrise is just before sunset; the sun takes so long getting up that it gives up and decides to just go back to bed. Which is about how the rest of us feel around here this time of year too! But this year everything is crisp and frosty and makes me want to put up Christmas lights and light candles and listen to Christmas music. It's unusually cold and clear, and best of all-no rain! Christmas in Norway might sound idyllic, but where we are on the coast, it usually rains. Maybe this year it will be white!

Karis goes on to say how two year old Helene loves the movie "The Sound of Music" and goes around singing "So-da-la-fa-mi-do-re" her toy goats and sheep dance and yodel; "lady odlady odlady hee hoo!'
 I tell you what Helene and I have allot in common.

Karis also says her husband Frank has been doing some remodeling, so they now have room for company.
 This letter makes me want to jump on the next plane to explore Scandinavia.
 Watch out Karis, your long lost relatives may be knocking on your door.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter in North Dakota

 Winter is officially here. Yesterday it was 12 below when I drove into work, so I brought a drop cord along to plug my vehicle in while I was at work for the day. Fortunately the hospital has places to plug in all around the parking lot.

 Drivers are advised to bring a winter survival kit in there vehicles in case they are stranded.
This kit consists of:
Several blankets and warm clothing, such as parka, boots, long underwear, heavy socks, mittens, ski mask.
A source of heat, such as a multiple wick candle can heater. It is best to also have matches to light your candle, because some lighters won't work in extreme cold.
Water and a metal container suitable for melting ice or snow to be used for drinking water.
A radio and flashlight with extra batteries.
Food, such as hard candy, jellybeans, raisins, nuts, candy bars, dehydrated fruit, jerky.
Something to read to keep you awake (This is where my emergency book comes in handy)
A folding cup.
Toilet tissue.
Bright red or orange cloth and whistle to signal help.
Nylon rope.
Cellular phone.

 I have heard tell when the temperature drops to 40 below you can take a glass of hot water, toss it into the air and it will turn to ice crystals.
 (I can't wait to try this experiment.)

By the way Lisa from South View Farm has won the set of cards in "Moms Birthday Contest"
Congrats Lisa and Thanks for entering!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mom's Birthday Contest

 My Mom's Birthday was January, 9th, This coming Sunday.

My sister Paula and I have always celebrated Mom's Birthday even after she passed away.

We used to go shopping and out to lunch but now Paula & I live over 1,000 miles apart. Boo, Hoo! so now we celebrate the day on our blogs.

 We have a birthday give away. It's just like giving Mom a special Birthday present.

 I decided to make and give away a set of cards this year.
 Mom loved cards. Hallmark was one of her favorite stores. She would take all the time needed to find the perfect card for her special people.

Leave a comment on this post and your name will be entered in the drawing.

Don't forget to stop by my sister Paula's Blog to enter her contest.

Monday, January 3, 2011

January-Turn the page Tuesday

 December has been a fun reading month for me. I've read several young readers & received some fantastic reading material under the Christmas tree (more on that next month)

 My favorite book this month was Will Hobbs "Leaving Protection" This book is about a young man who leaves his family's house boat to work the wild Alaskan sea's on a salmon troller. The water is ruff & tough as is Robbie's boss Tor Torsen, who at times seems more like a pirate than captain of a salmon boat.

 This book intrigued me as my Grandpa & Grandma Sannar where commercial fisherman in South East Alaska, the same area this book takes place in. They mention the town of Craig that I have heard in conversations many times and even mention Ketchikan where my family lived when I was a young girl.

 This book starts out:
 "Strange, how it all began. Silence hung over breakfast like a spell. Somebody would make an attempt at cheerful conversation and then it would die out like a campfire built with wet wood."

 If you like a good adventure about boats & fishing I would recommend "Leaving Protection" by, Will Hobbs.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Warm Winter Secret Swap

In December I participated in a "Warm Winter Secret Swap" hosted by Amanda
We sent each other a mug and ingredients for a hot drink.
What a perfect swap for this cold winter weather we have been having.
Nothing warms your bones like sitting in front of a blazing fire sipping a scrumptious hot beverage.

 This is what I received from Jenn B Not one but two mugs with "Friendship Tea" Yum, I love it!

Friendship Tea
1/2 cup instant tea mix
1 cup instant orange drink (Tang)
1 cup instant lemonade drink (Country Time)
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground cloves
1 cup cinnamon imperials (Red Hots)

 In a large bowl, combine all of the ingredients and blend them well. I actually find that it's easier to put them in a gallon sized zip lock bag, seal it up and shake them to make sure everything is well incorporated.

 To serve:
 Stir 2-3 teaspoons of the mix in a mug of 1 cup of boiling water. You may have to adjust to taste.

Here is the package I sent, with "Cinna Mocha Hot Chocolate"
It was fun searching for the mug and putting the package together.

What is your favorite hot beverage?