Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunday Stills- Motion

I call my Sunday Stills photo "Chicken Run"
This was definitely a challenge. I took about 40 pictures and this is the only one that turned out the way I wanted it to.
I either caught the tail end of things, or was to far ahead. It's hard to get things in the right position when taking a picture of something in motion.
I made the chickens quite nervouse. "Why is this crazy old lady following us around? Do you think she needs something for her stew pot?"
The dogs had a great time jumping up on rocks and chasing rabbits, but I never got the shot at the right time.
I need to practice this technique.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring Time in Paris & Cowgirl Cool

Last week my daughter Dawn and I went walking in down town Cody. We ended up at "Rock star Cowgirl" bead shop where we very much enjoyed ourselves scrounging through the colorful beads to find just the right colors and styles.

I was really into spring time colors, so hurried home to create these two fun necklaces.

I just put them in my Etsy shop, go on over and take a look. I love being able to create things and put them in my shop to sell.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Stills

This weeks challenge is one of my favorite subjects, architecture.

I had a fantastic time walking down Sheridan avenue in Cody Wyoming snapping shots of old buildings. Builders had so much more imagination a hundred plus years ago. I love the old block buildings and all the detail they put into them.

I decided to use the historical Irma Hotel as my subject. It was built by Buffalo Bill Cody in 1902 and named for his daughter Irma.

Inside the restaurant is a huge cherry wood bar that was shipped from Europe as a gift for Buffalo Bill.

If you go to the Irma keep a watchful eye out for ghosts. It is on the registry for haunted hotels. You may not know if that man in the cowboy hat, spurs and chaps is an apparition or someone from modern times.

The grand hotel fills up with cowboys and tourists in the summer, outfitters and hunters in the fall. There are always colorful characters at The Irma.

They also serve the best prime rib I have ever tasted. It melts in your mouth. While they are slow roasting the beef, the sent wafts through the streets of Cody enticing passerby's to come in & have a bite to eat.

Have you ever been to Cody? It's a great destination for a family vacation.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Fluffy The Gaurd Dog

My collie Fluffy has always had the job of keeping a watchful eye on the chickens and chasing off intruding predators.

We have had a fox hanging around eating mice in the field. I'm sure it would enjoy a tasty chicken dinner given the chance.

This weekend the fox was making a morning trek thru the field, behind the chicken coop, when Fluffy spotted it.

The scene was like one of those old time zombie movie's, where the zombie is slowly stalking and the victim is running for dear life, but this was the other way around. Fluffy was running at top speed, while the fox was just loping along enjoying a Sunday jog.

Fluffy is 10 or 11 years old and not as alert as in her younger days. I may have to get a pup for her to train.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Smarter than the averege bean

Little man, Noah came for a visit yesterday.

He and his family had moved to a new apartment last month, so this was the first time I had been there.

When I picked him up Noah Bean had to show me his room. He was so excited to show Aunt Stacey his new digs! We where very surprised that a seventeen month old would think of such a thing.

He has a boom box with lullaby's in his room, and the other day, by himself, he turned it on to top volume and was dancing around.

One of his main words is Hi. While waiting in the examining room for his check up, when the Dr. walked in, Noah looked up and said "Hi"

Dr. Jamison was taken aback. He said he thought he would walk in and have a conversation with the parent, nit the baby.

I'm sure you have some smart kids in your life. Tell me about them.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Here is my latest treasure. This awesomely cool Tye dyed tee-shirt. I found it at the Dollar Store Sunday. It's big and bright. I just feel groovy in it.

My husband & daughter say I'm not old enough to be a hippie, but in the small town of Elgin Oregon, we where a bit behind the times.

When I was in Jr. high, we used to bee-bop to 50's tunes. I loved "The Fonz" on Happy Days. He was so cool!

We danced to Black Plastic back then.

I remember my Mom saying "Those are the same songs we used to listen to."

What music did you listen to in Jr. High?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Pay as you go

This new technology is costing us a bundle.

You can't even get free T.V. off an antenna any more.

They rope us in with great deals, but by the time we are done everything cost's at least twice what the company advertised for the service to work.

The latest thing that just happened is the computer has been very slow the last couple of weeks, so I called the Wild Blue to see if the dish needed straightening or something.

Apparently if you are on the Internet too much you use up your down load time, so I had to upgrade, $30 more a month.

Back to the T.V. Dish network advertised $29.99 a month for lot's of channels, so we went for it, but when it came down to it there wasn't much to watch & they charged us fee's for this & that. Now we are paying $99 a month.

Cell phones: Only $9.99 for another line, wow, that's a great price. Our daughter had been begging for a cell phone, so when our plan's ran out we got her one.

First the phone's where supposed to have a rebate, but when I sent in all the papers filled out as Altell told me to, a month or so later letters came in the mail saying the rebates where denied. Then we got huge phone bills for texting and too many minutes used, so had to upgrade and pay more each month.

I really do like the new technology, but sometimes it seems like a rip off!

This has been happening for years.

At my sister Paula's last spring we where going thru a box of old letters and found one our Mom had written when she was a newly married young lady.

Mom & Dad where flying up to Alaska. Mom discovered they had pay toilets in the airport and was appalled that it cost 10 cents to go to the bathroom. She said she had allot better things to spend her money on then that!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Winter Retreat

We just got back from Anamoose North Dakota. What a great place to go for a winter retreat.

The snow is piled high there. North Dakota is known to have harsh winters, but this one has been unusually bad. The Anamoose area has been declared a disaster area, so they can get help digging out of the snow.

We did enjoy our stay on the Schwarz Buffalo Ranch.


Dawn went snowshoeing.

We met some local residents.

If you want to play in the snow,

North Dakota is the place to go!