Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Winter Retreat

We just got back from Anamoose North Dakota. What a great place to go for a winter retreat.

The snow is piled high there. North Dakota is known to have harsh winters, but this one has been unusually bad. The Anamoose area has been declared a disaster area, so they can get help digging out of the snow.

We did enjoy our stay on the Schwarz Buffalo Ranch.


Dawn went snowshoeing.

We met some local residents.

If you want to play in the snow,

North Dakota is the place to go!


Paula said...

It looks really pretty with all that snow, and looks like you guys had a grand old time. How'd things go? Is it done?

Adrienne said...

I'm shivering over here just looking at those pics! I was whinning b/c it was 29 this morning and the wind was blowing ... man am I a southern girl ;-)

Ed said...

Man, that is one fat squirrel. great pics...