Friday, February 6, 2009

Pay as you go

This new technology is costing us a bundle.

You can't even get free T.V. off an antenna any more.

They rope us in with great deals, but by the time we are done everything cost's at least twice what the company advertised for the service to work.

The latest thing that just happened is the computer has been very slow the last couple of weeks, so I called the Wild Blue to see if the dish needed straightening or something.

Apparently if you are on the Internet too much you use up your down load time, so I had to upgrade, $30 more a month.

Back to the T.V. Dish network advertised $29.99 a month for lot's of channels, so we went for it, but when it came down to it there wasn't much to watch & they charged us fee's for this & that. Now we are paying $99 a month.

Cell phones: Only $9.99 for another line, wow, that's a great price. Our daughter had been begging for a cell phone, so when our plan's ran out we got her one.

First the phone's where supposed to have a rebate, but when I sent in all the papers filled out as Altell told me to, a month or so later letters came in the mail saying the rebates where denied. Then we got huge phone bills for texting and too many minutes used, so had to upgrade and pay more each month.

I really do like the new technology, but sometimes it seems like a rip off!

This has been happening for years.

At my sister Paula's last spring we where going thru a box of old letters and found one our Mom had written when she was a newly married young lady.

Mom & Dad where flying up to Alaska. Mom discovered they had pay toilets in the airport and was appalled that it cost 10 cents to go to the bathroom. She said she had allot better things to spend her money on then that!


Twisted Fencepost said...

I totally agree. And then when that's all exhausted. They update. Then you are behind and your electronics or phone is outdated.

Paula said...

It's all a scam! I'm disconnecting it all! Not really. I'd miss it~
I forgot about Mom's toilet episode. We had a good laugh over that old letter, didn't we?!

Ed said...

Welcome to the 21st century, everyone is out to make a buck, but then when have they not been. I ran into the pay toilets in New York city, that sucks when you don't have any change...:-)

Josh said...

Try the pay toilets in the Caribbean (especially St. Lucia/Barbados). It is kinda expensive to pay a $1 just to pee but there is always a lady standing there ready to hand you soap and turn on the water and then towel... me being a guy it is weird to do business with a lady in the same room but that is just how it is in some parts of the world. Haha.

BTW on Ed's comment, we have bathroom attendents in some of the bathrooms here in New York City, and then you end up giving a tip of $5 cuz you don't wanna look cheap (especially since they turn on the water give you soap and dry your hands). :-)