Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Stills

This weeks challenge is one of my favorite subjects, architecture.

I had a fantastic time walking down Sheridan avenue in Cody Wyoming snapping shots of old buildings. Builders had so much more imagination a hundred plus years ago. I love the old block buildings and all the detail they put into them.

I decided to use the historical Irma Hotel as my subject. It was built by Buffalo Bill Cody in 1902 and named for his daughter Irma.

Inside the restaurant is a huge cherry wood bar that was shipped from Europe as a gift for Buffalo Bill.

If you go to the Irma keep a watchful eye out for ghosts. It is on the registry for haunted hotels. You may not know if that man in the cowboy hat, spurs and chaps is an apparition or someone from modern times.

The grand hotel fills up with cowboys and tourists in the summer, outfitters and hunters in the fall. There are always colorful characters at The Irma.

They also serve the best prime rib I have ever tasted. It melts in your mouth. While they are slow roasting the beef, the sent wafts through the streets of Cody enticing passerby's to come in & have a bite to eat.

Have you ever been to Cody? It's a great destination for a family vacation.


Andrea said...

Lovely photo and story...I'm with you....I like the richness of old world buildings versus the sleekness of modern day ones. :)

Paula said...

Good post, Stacey! I love your story with it. I always wanted to encounter one of the Irma ghosts, but no such luck...

The Wife said...

No, I haven't but would love to visit!

Thanks for visiting me!

Susan said...

MMMMmmmmm, Irma prime rib, hadn't thought about that in quite some time. Sounds delish! You are right, the old buildings are the best. but watch out for the ghosties!!