Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Here is my latest treasure. This awesomely cool Tye dyed tee-shirt. I found it at the Dollar Store Sunday. It's big and bright. I just feel groovy in it.

My husband & daughter say I'm not old enough to be a hippie, but in the small town of Elgin Oregon, we where a bit behind the times.

When I was in Jr. high, we used to bee-bop to 50's tunes. I loved "The Fonz" on Happy Days. He was so cool!

We danced to Black Plastic back then.

I remember my Mom saying "Those are the same songs we used to listen to."

What music did you listen to in Jr. High?


Adrienne said...

That is great (and bright!). I remember listening to Yaz, Howard Jones, Violent Femmes, and The Cure just to name a few!

Paula said...

I love it! Very fun, you hippie-chick, you~ I listened to the same music you did, silly. Couldn't help it since we shared a room and you controlled the radio...

Twisted Fencepost said...

Love that shirt!! I still like tye-dyed stuff!
We listened to The Bee Gees, Peter Framton and the likes.
But I liked country music, old rock and roll and 50's stuff.
The one playing, "Old Time Rock N'Roll is one of my favorites.

LEArning4Him: Lea Family Homeschool said...

Hey, I listened to the same music you did (with you) goofy girl.

Miss you so much.

Josh said...

I listened to Techno/Electronic Dance music in the clubs in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York... LOL I think it would annoy you and Paula to death... but hey each for their own... I used to listen to it in my car when driving down the 880 freeway from home to school in the Bay Area as well. Techno might be the music of the future... who knows? LOL

Ed said...

Cool shirt, I'm embarassed to say I listened to the Bee Gees, Bay city rollers, Blondie, and AC/DC..

tipper said...

I love the hippie look! Actually when I was in jr. high I too liked the Fonz and 50's songs. I also like the top 40 hits of the time-and add in some bluegrass so I was into all of it-still am too!