Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunday Stills- Motion

I call my Sunday Stills photo "Chicken Run"
This was definitely a challenge. I took about 40 pictures and this is the only one that turned out the way I wanted it to.
I either caught the tail end of things, or was to far ahead. It's hard to get things in the right position when taking a picture of something in motion.
I made the chickens quite nervouse. "Why is this crazy old lady following us around? Do you think she needs something for her stew pot?"
The dogs had a great time jumping up on rocks and chasing rabbits, but I never got the shot at the right time.
I need to practice this technique.


Twisted Fencepost said...

I just love this picture! But I like chickens.
Someday I'll have my own to take pics of. Until then I'll enjoy yours.

Paula said...

Yep, she's got that "There's a crazy lady chasing me" look in her eye. Good shot. I've hung around out in Susan's barnyard trying to get a good chicken shot and it is so hard!!
I've been fighting some sinus nastiness this week and didn't get anything for Sunday Stills. Maybe next week...Just think, in a couple of weeks, we'll get to shoot some Sunday Stills together. Yipee!

Mary said...


I love this photo of the chicken. Grandma used to raise chickens like that, but I can't remember what kind they are. That shot must have been difficult. We have a new puppy and I had the hardest time getting photos of him outside. He doesn't hold still for a moment.

I see that you and Paula are going to be getting together. That is awesome. I hope both of you will take lots of photos.

Sorry it's been so long since I dropped by for a visit. I enjoyed catching up.


Susan said...

Chickens are very hard to get good shots of. I have taken hundreds and only gotten a handful that I liked. This is a good one - great job. Poor chick-a-biddies will never be the same, though!

Ed said...

Cool, Like the idea they did'nt know if you were looking for dinner, I'd run too... :-)

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Something for her stewpot...I can see that nervous walk! :)

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