Sunday, December 27, 2009

This snow reminds me of when I was a little tike living in Juneau Alaska.
Playing outside with my sister Susan and her two friends I wandered off to play in the deep snow. Stepping in a soft spot I dropped down up to my neck in the fluffy white stuff. I couldn't move a muscle. Luckily I was close enough for Mom to hear me screaming & yelling. My mom the hero came and pulled me out brought me in the house and gave me a mug of steamy hot cocoa.


Paula said...

Wow! I saw Minot on the news last night, all snowed in. What is that in the picture that's all buried in snow? I remember just watching the tip of Grandpa's hat walking down the path in Ketchikan when I was little.

Mary said...

You accumulated quite some snow there, Stacey.

I lived in Alaska too. I was born there, before it was a state. Ha! I was too young then to remember now.

I am ready for spring already!

Twisted Fencepost said...

It's messy and makes things complicated. Especially if the power goes off.
But oh so beautiful to look at.
Hope you're keeping warm up there!!!
I'm with Paula...what's that thing in the picture surrounded by snow?

lisa said...

Boy, oh, boy is that a lot of snow! We have been pretty lucky so far as for snow accumilations that is!