Sunday, December 6, 2009


There has been a bit of a nip in the air lately.
The lake is frozen over so we went out to play on it this afternoon.
I put on my skates and glided around. Ice skating is my favorite sport.
I remember one Christmas we all got skates. We had a pond by the house where us kids spent hours playing.
When someone would fall down we would pull them on the sled to our pretend hospital, where they would be fixed up & ready to skate again.
I spent all winter on the ice & couldn't wait to get home from school & go skating.
once we even skated on a moonlit night.
If you get a chance, go out & do a bit of skating. You'll be glad you did.


Mary said...

I have always loved to watch ice skating, but found it took very strong ankles!

We have a slght film of ice on the pond this week. You are way ahead of us with ice!

Glad you enjoyed the skate. Beautiful picture!

Paula said...

You were always the best skater of all of us. I thought you were going to be the star of Ice Castles, without going blind like she did of course!
I think it's really cool that you have a lake right outside your door and can skate all winter if you want. Now you'll be rushing home from work to get on the ice.

Shelby said...

oh I used to go ice skating when I was young.. so fun. Now, I'm not sure I can stand on skates. Maybe tho.. love the idea.

Adrienne said...

We used to live near lake Erie and I was ice skating before I could walk! I miss it!

Twisted Fencepost said...

I have only been ice scating once in my life and it was not on a frozen lake, but at a rink.
Skating outdoors on a frozen lake sounds like so much fun. But cold!

lisa said...

I know how to roller skate, but never got the nerve to try ice skating and everyone tells me it is easier to do. MMMM I will have to try it!

Dad said...

I have been watching your weather and was not surprized you have been skating. Have fun!!

Karen Sue said...

We had a low place in the lawn that would fill with water in a summer downpour and in the fall if it was rainy, then we would have a chance to 'boot skate' around on it. Alot of fun for us as youngsters.