Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Turn The Page Tuesday

My book for December is The Northwest Heritage Cookbook "Dungeness Crabs & Blackberry Cobblers" by Janie Hibler.

This awesome cookbook was a Christmas gift last year from my sister Paula.

I've found some great recipes in this book along with amazing stories & facts about the Pacific Northwest.

The back page has an exert from the book "Conversations with pioneer Women"

"I can't hope to explain to you how happy we all were. Father Mother and all eight children had crossed the plains in good health. We children were particularly happy, for, instead of having to strike out each morning and walk barefooted in the dust, where we stubbed our toes, stepped on cactus and watched that we didn't step on any rattlesnakes, we were in a country where the grass was belly-deep for the cattle and when the sea breeze made it wave it looked like waves of changeable green silk. We didn't have to worry about the Indians running off our stock. No longer did we have to eat bacon, beans, and camp bread, and not get as much of them as we wanted, for here we had found a country of beauty, where we could have all the vegetables we wanted, where the hills were full of deer, and the streams full of trout, where, when we looked to the westward, instead of seeing nothing but a long winding train of prairie schooners with a cloud of dust hanging over all, we saw waving grass and vividly green fir trees. We looked up at a blue sky with white clouds and to eastward we could see Mount Hood, clean and clear and beautiful and so wonderful that it almost took your breath."

Check this book out. I bet you will enjoy it as much as I do.


Adrienne said...

what an interesting book. I love cookbooks that tell stories and share history of a certain area.

Thanks for joining in!

Paula said...

OH! That excerpt from the book is so good! I'm so glad you are enjoying it and hope you've found some wonderful things to make. I'm going to have to get myself a copy of that one. I LOVE all the old pictures in it!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Just what I need -- another cookbook! I read them like novels. I have to hide new cookbooks when they come into my house. My husband just doesn't understand!

Karen Sue said...

I'm not a good cookbook reader. I much prefer to taste it and then ask for the recipe!!

lisa said...

I will have to get a copy of that book!!