Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snow Day

Today was a snow day. We got 24 inches of the fluffy white stuff. No travel advised in most of North Dakota, so I worked on putting our new office together. This room was our bedroom while we worked on the master bedroom upstairs.
Now that we have moved upstairs we can remodel the kitchen with an open dining room where the old office was.
It's all a work in progress but is starting to come together.


Mary said...

I sometimes wonder if the work in progress ever ends. I think it does slow down.

Your office space looks nice!

Paula said...

I really like your new office! Love the knotty pine walls, reminds me of Grandpa Simmons for some reason.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Beautiful room!
We have way too many "work in progress' projects going on right now.
We need to start finishing them!!!

Karen Sue said...

WOW! You can see the top of your desk?? the whole thing?? I am SOO Jealous! I can see the middle and that's only because I cleaned it this morning!