Friday, July 18, 2008

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

"Somewhere over the rainbow blue birds fly.

They're flying high over that old rainbow.

Why, oh why can't I."

This is what I saw when I went out to feed my chickens this morning. What an awesome sight! Can you imagine sailing over the canyons & tree tops in a go cart, under a rainbow.

Needless to say, my chickens didn't get fed for awhile.

I watched in awe, until it sailed off, into the wild blue yonder.


Adrienne said...

That would be the next best thing to being a bird! I can't imagine how wonderful it would be to see the world from up there.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving your sweet comments. I do love the way the world of blog brings us together. Please stop by again soon.

Paula said...

Wow! It's like a little car that he's sitting in, isn't it? How much fun that would be, to sail up there with the birds...