Monday, July 14, 2008

Invasion of the Giant Moth's

Every Summer we get invaded by moths. Dusty, brown little creatures, that can slip in the tiniest of cracks. They make a mess of my windows & doors.
I'm always surprised when I see the giant moths. They really are pretty.
Have you herd the legend of "The Mothman"?
The state of West Virginia has played home to one of the most bizarre "pseudo-cryptids" ever reported, the unusual- mothman.
The first sighting came in the early 1960's. A woman was driving along Rout 2, near the Ohio river, with her father. As she neared the Chief Cornstalk hunting grounds, a large man shaped figure walked out onto the road. As the woman slowed her car, the figure spread two large wings and took off.
The legend continues with many more sighting & stories.
Some people believe the Mothman sightings are a warning sign of impending disaster.


Paula said...

That's a really pretty moth. We don't get them here like you guys do. I guess I really don't miss the mess they make all over the place.
I liked reading the Mothman legend. Pretty cool stuff!

Susan said...

What a mess the mothman could leave!!!!