Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cowboy Roy

A good old Cowboy passed away.
I met Roy the Summer I turned 15.
My big sister Susan had gotten a job in Wyoming at Absorka Mnt. Lodge.
Several girls quit, so they needed more help. With Mom's approvel, I packed my green duffel bag, jumped on the bus and headed for Cody.
Roy was the horse wrangler at Absorka Lodge. You could usually find him up at the corrals taking care of the horses & tack. He always wore a silver bellie hat & a red snap down shirt tucked into his blue jeans.
The owners daughter Julie & I became fast Friends. Most days after cleaning cabins, we would head up to the corrals, saddle a horse & take off somewhere fun.
Roy taught me how to rope & even gave me a larriette. He said to be a good roper you had to practice all the time & rope anything you saw. We got pretty good at roping fence posts.
We where 40 miles out of town, so didn't get in very often. Those who where going to town would often have a list of supplies to pick up for everyone elns.
Roy told a story of having to go to the store to buy a bra for a lady. It was a 46 DDD.
Roy, we will miss your story's & your good character.
I'm thinking you are up at the corral in the sky, with your horses & rope.


Paula said...

Rest well, Ole' Roy. May you get all the rocky mountain oysters that you want in Heaven...

Adrienne said...

It's hard to lose the friendship of folks like this.

Happy birthday to you. I've been a blog friend of Paula's for about a year. We used to live in Astoria so we share information and thoughts and memories. Hope you have a great day. I'll be back soon to see what you have to share.

Tipper said...

Sorry about your friend-he truly sounds like he was one in a million.

I just came from Paula's blog-to say Happy Birthday!!

Susan said...

The funny thing is, Roy seemed ancient way back then. He couldn't have been as old as we thought he was. Remember the way his face would crinkle up when he laughed?