Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blue Flax

Blue flax are some of my favorite flowers.

I dug up this clump last year, so I would have some at my new house & they are thriving.

I love the vibrant blue color & they continue to bloom all Summer long. new flowers pop out every morning, as long as they have adequate water.

They are a pretty hardy plant. I have seen them planted along roadways, blooming away.

25 years ago after our wedding, Willie & stacey, as newly weds drove from Elgin, Oregon to Cody, Wyoming. We stayed at a pretty bed & breakfast called "The Lockhart Inn".

Cindy, the owner had planted Blue Flax in all of the flower box's.

The Lockhart Inn is still open for business. It was the famous Caroline Lockharts house & is authentically re-done in the Victorian style of the early 1900's.

If you are ever in the Cody area stop by & have a look. if you stay you may even see the ghost of Caroline Lockhart. Her presents is still seen & felt in the house.


Paula said...

I love Blue Flax, too, but until this year I couldn't even find any seeds for them around here. I found some this year, but they didn't grow. They must not like this climate...WAH!

Yolanda said...

I love this flower too. It is so pretty. I am glad to have found your blog.