Saturday, April 5, 2008


This is a quilt I made last winter.

It seems that every where I go lately, people are quilting.

I have never made a big quilt, just small decorative ones.

It is fun to pick the matching fabric's & put them all together.

When I was first married, my husband & I lived on a ranch 40 miles out of town. We had no TV & I didn't drive at the time, so was quite lonely & isolated.

The ranch lady's in that area would get together once a week for a quilting bee.

I sure did enjoy that day of the week!!!


Paula said...

That's really pretty, Stacey! I like the color and fabric combo's that you used.

Susan said...

What a bright, cheery quilt. Perfect for the springtime!
I enjoyed the couple of times I got to come with you to the weekly quilting get-together as well. What good times! Remember how exciting it was when we got to visit each other back then!!! We were like little kids. Oh, wait a minute, we were still kids back then. Then again, visiting my sisters still makes me feel like I did back then. I hope I never grow up!!!