Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pelican Post

I got sick Tuesday evening with bad stomach cramps & spent most of the night in the bathroom. O.K. that was too much information.
Wednesday I had a fever & slept most of the day, so today I was trying to play catch up, but while dusting I came across this great, little magazine, that I picked up while visiting Oregon & since I still am tired, I decided to take a little vacation & sit down to read it.
Happy reading to you!


Paula said...

Oh, look ~ the sun is shining on the front of that one! I like the Pelican Post too. It has some great little articles. Hope you're feeling better; our whole household has been sick the last couple of weeks. We have all been to the Doctor - me 3 stinking times!

Susan said...

Sorry to hear you were sick. Hope you are all better soon! At least you might get a little reading done. Being down can have its upside too!