Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Catching Raindrops in Astoria

Last week my daughter & I took a long awaited trip to visit my sister Paula & her family in Astoria Oregon.

I felt like "Sammy the seal" when he took a trip from the zoo, Looking & pointing at everything. I'm sure it was obviose. I was from out of town. All of the greenery was facinating, after living in the dessert for so many years.

After arriving in Portland, we ate at a fabulouse restraunt & whent to a huge book store, "Powell Books". It is amazing. If you ever get a chance you have to go there!

It was rainy & chilly most of the time we where there & even snowed in Astoria, wich is very unusual!

We didn't hang out at the beach much. It was just to chilly for that!

Puala's husband Riff was a great tour guide & took us to see some awsome light houses!
We ate lots of great sea food. My favorite place was "The Wet Dog". It is a pub in Astoria. They had the best fish & chips and you could see the boats & river from the dinning room.
Paula & Riff fed us very well. My pants are a bit tighter since the trip!
Paula took us shopping & to some great art galleries.
There are so many things to see & do in the area. We will just have to go back & do more some day!!!


Paula said...

It was so fun to have you guys here. Since you left, I keep thinking of all the things that we didn't do. Yep, you just need to come back. Oh, and by the way, it's gorgeous here this week. Clear blue skies and sparkling blue waves....

LEArning4Him: Lea Family Homeschool said...

Sounds like you guys had a good time.

Susan said...

Next time I am coming too!!!