Friday, April 4, 2008

"The Beach House" By Mary Alice Monroe

I've just finished reading "The Beach House"

What a fitting novel to bring on a coastal getaway!

I started this book in my favorite reading spot, out on my sunny redwood deck & it has seemed like a mini vacation when I sit down to read.

This novel is a light romance, that reminds me of a "Nora Roberts". It centers on a mother, daughter relationship, on the Isle of Palms.

They are on a turtle team, a conservation group, helping to protect sea turtle nests & hatchlings.

Each chapter starts out with information about the sea turtle.

For example:

"The turtle uses her hind flippers in an elaborate digging ritual, alternately digging out scoops of sand to create an egg chamber eighteen to twenty- two inches deep"

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Paula said...

I really enjoyed all the turtle info when I read this book, then found it REALLY interesting when a sea turtle was found on the Seaside beach this last summer.