Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Turn The Page Tuesday

 Is it really August already? This Summer is slipping by so fast.
 My book this month for "Turn The Page Tuesday" is
 Luanne Rices "Summer Light" This book has been sitting on my shelf for several years waiting until I was ready to read a romance.

 May Taylor works as a wedding planner, passing on the timeless traditions of her grandmother and mother. The Taylor women have always believed in the presence of magic in everyday life especially the simple magic of true love and family. Yet May's own faith in true love was shattered when she was abandoned by the father of her child. Still, she finds joy in raising her daughter Kylie, a very special five-year-old who sees and hears things that others cannot....

 Martin Cartier is a professional hockey player and sports legend. His father, a champion, taught him to play to win-at all costs. Now Martin's success veils a core of heartache, rage, and isolation. Yet Kylie glimpses the transcendent role Martin will play in May's life and her own--unless his past tears their blossoming love apart. Then only Kylie will see the way home-- and only May will be able to lead them there, if she can believe in magic once more.

This was a fun book to read.
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Debi said...

I have read a few Luanne Rice books and enjoyed them, but I haven't read this one. So on my list it goes!

lisa said...

I am a romance reader and I have never read her books so I think I will have to try one of her books.

Paula said...

I love Luanne Rice for light summer "beach reads". They're always a good story.

Adrienne said...

This book reminds me of "Garden Spells" - you should pick that one up - it's good. So glad you joined in again this mth!