Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Home Town

 Growing up in a small town has it's quirks and funny tales. I just visited my home town of Elgin, Oregon.
 My brother Todd & his wife Gidge bought a house & are raising a family in this great little town. The house they bought was our shop teachers home. It has a huge shop in which they found my uncles Phil's name carved on a bench.
 We got to spend the day wandering around Elgin, looking at Grandma & Grandpa Simmons big brick house and homes we lived in as children.
 It brought up old memories of growing up in this small town.

1. We used to walk the dogs to the cemetery and play around there.
2. Running all over town on Halloween night.
3. Having "Black Plastic" as our band for school dances.
4. Being a goat farmer on Cricket Flat.
5. Helping Grandma at her hardware store.
6. Watching bats fly through the night sky catching bugs.
7. Playing in Grandma's huge lilac bush's.
8. Eating BBQ fries and 10 cent ice cream cones at C-zers drive through.
9. Going to the Elgin Stampede (our local rodeo)
10. Walking to the grade school from the high school for lunch, stopping at Vickie's on the way back and missing my first class after lunch.
11. Reading every dog or ghost book at the grade school library.
12. Fishing in Phillips creek.
14. Going roller skating.
15. Santa coming around in a fire truck to deliver treats to all the houses on Christmas eve.
16. Playing "PAC-Man" at the pizza parlor.
17. Watching "Grease" at the theater. The same one my mom used to go to as a girl, with a bullet hole in the screen. Shot by a movie goer who got a little excited when the bad guy came on the set.
18. Buying penny candy at the "corner market"

Tell me some memories of growing up in your home town.


Twisted Fencepost said...

Wow...I think I need to visit my hometown. Maybe it will stir up memories like your visit did.

Paula said...

Ah! Thanks for the pictures and memories of our hometown. We won't be able to visit this year and you gave me the "Elgin Fix" I needed. Know only if I could get a bag of BBQ fries!