Sunday, June 12, 2011

Zebra Finch's

 Our Daughter Dawn got a pair of zebra finch's for her birthday last year.
 They are funny little characters and make noise's like tiny clown cars.
 These birds are very busy, always flitting around playing with everything.
 We bought them a coconut house.
 These cute little birds went in and out of their house for hours, inspecting the roof and interior.
 Since then they have built a nest and have five tiny eggs nestled in it.
 The house must have passed inspection and the neighborhood is nicely suited for raising children.


Paula said...

Oh my goodness! Dawn's going to be a grandma! Cute!

lisa said...

We used to have a pair and when we moved I gave them away and sorta of missed them.

Twisted Fencepost said...

How cute!
I hope we get to see newborn pics!

Adrienne said...

How cool! Baby birds! Glad to know you have a neighborhood watch - those coconut houses could be targeted by meandering cats and we want to keep the wee ones safe ;-)