Monday, June 27, 2011

safari on Antelope Lake

It was a beautiful evening, so we decided to take the boat around Antelope lake on a safari.

Here's the captain.

We spotted coonigans nesting in a tree.

And got some great shots of pelicans.

Going back to our dock was a buffalo at the watering hole.
I hope there isn't a mean old crocodile waiting for the thirsty buffalo.


lisa said...

Looks like my kind of Safari!

Adrienne said...

What beautiful pictures! Tell that captain you got your monies worth ;-)

Paula said...

Oh how fun! Glad you and the Captain got your pontoon boat. Can't wait for the day we can come out and take a spin around the lake with you! (after a hot day of driving tractor to earn my keep, of course!)

Twisted Fencepost said...

Nice boat!
Loved the safari! When can we go again???
Putting the boat in the water with the tractor is SO something my Captain would do. Love it!!!

Debi said...

Beautiful pictures!

Susan said...

Way cool safari! Loved the pictures, but launching the boat with the tractor really made me laugh! I want to come with you next time!