Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Days Gone By

 On the way home from the near by town of Anamoose North Dakota today there happened to be a train  sitting on the track. In this spot locomotives have been known to sit for hours and this one didn't look like it would be moving anytime soon, so I decided to take the long route home.
 On the way I passed a few old homesteads and couldn't resist stopping to take pictures.

 This area used to be populated with many family farms. People have moved off of the farms and left them abandoned.

 I love to listen to the old timers tell stories of days gone by when these homesteads where filled with busy family's.

 They tell me of plowing fields with teams of horses.
 Driving school bus's full of children pulled by horses.
 Bringing in the cows for milking.
 attending barn dances and big family gatherings.
 Going to town on Saturday evenings to socialize.

 There lives where filled with hard work and good country fun.


Paula said...

So pretty. It's sad that so many farms have been abandoned. I want to move into those places and live those days when the horse teams pulled to kids to school. Hard times, but innocent as well.

lisa said...

I love to see the old farms! I even love the western ones better! Even though they aren't as old as out here in the east. But it is cool to see how different the homes were built from the east to the west!

Susan said...

So cool, Stacey! Glad you got to take the slow way home. I think that is the most alluring part of thinking about the old days, things just moved so much slower. It is so hard to keep up with the pace we all are expected to in this day and age. I am glad you were able to preserve some of the farm buildings through pictures and share them with us.

Twisted Fencepost said...

I would have loved to have lived during that era. A time when people really cared about eachother.

Adrienne said...

Beautiful! Looks like you had a clear day for a nice long trip around the block (or two ... or three)