Monday, June 20, 2011

Paul Bunyan in North Dakota

 Paul Bunyan has been to North Dakota and I have evidence. He seems to have left behind one of his boots.

That's why there aren't many tree's in North Dakota, but something must have scared that big lumber jack out of his whits when he got to Antelope lake because we still have lots of trees. I'm glad his ax didn't have a chance to make prairie land out of our woods.

 I do wonder what scared the be jiggers out of Paul enough that he ran off with only one boot.
 I have herd tell there where outlaws around these parts back in the day.

 If anybody out there sees Paul, let him know we have his boot. We'll keep it safe for him until he makes it back to our neck of the woods.

 Just tell the big man to leave his ax at home. We want to keep our trees.


Susan said...

That is a cool boot! Is it made of wood? paul Bunyan would need pretty tough stuff for his boots, so maybe it is a hardwood, oak, or maple? Probably why he chopped trees down - to make boots!

Paula said...

Fun! Where did you find Paul's boot? I certainly hope he's not one of the guys that "disappeared" when he came to visit with the old land owner! Have you seen any evidence of Babe, his big blue ox?

lisa said...

That was a great post! I will make sure he doesn't lose the other one if I see him ;)

Solitary Abyss said...

I know where they are!! They've been standing still in the same area for many years now, I have a picture as evidence somewhere!

Twisted Fencepost said...

How cool is that!
Maybe someone should take his boot to him, you know, just to keep the trees safe. tee hee

Adrienne said...

Ha ha! That made me laugh out loud. Thanks ;-)