Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snow Shoeing

Have you tried snow shoeing?

It's pretty awesome.

You can walk through the deep snow, where no man has walked before.

It makes the dogs pretty tired following along.

I saw buffalo, wild turkey's and whitetail deer.

This is the sort of thing that renews my soul.

Tell me what renews your soul.


lisa said...

I husband has bought some old snow shows and has wanted to use them. I have used snow shoes one time when we had to carry our kids from the neighbors to our house in the middle of a snow storm, and that was no fun. Haven't tried it since.

Adrienne said...

I've never snow shoed - I bet it would be fun ... much better than sinking in up to your knees! As for what really renews me ... a walk on the beach - driving with the windows down while the ~perfect~ song just happens to come along on the radio - lying in the hammock just chillin' ... come on spring!

Paula said...

How fun! I bought Riff snowshoes a few years ago and it is so much fun!
Walking in the woods renews my soul. Just the smell of the deep dark area's that rarely see sun and the chirping of the chipmunks and birds speaks deeply to my inner self. As does long walks on the beach followed by sitting in the sand and watching the surf. So peaceful!

Twisted Fencepost said...

I love critters as much as you.
But what renews my soul is....SPRING!!!! I love all the new leaves and buds and baby critters.
Oh, and no, I've never been anywhere where the snow was so deep we needed snow shoes.

Karen Sue said...

For sure, spring will do it, or eating something you grew yourself, but in a selfish way, there is a group of friends that checks into our local HI Express twice a year for a weekend of Scrap & Sew - really anything you want to do. And from Fri afternoon to Sunday, you have a room and a table and you just take care of yourself and visit with your friends and we laugh and we cry and we take pictures and we've been know to crack open a bottle or two, sometimes we sleep a lot and sometimes hardly at all, but before we leave, I have to tell them when the next one is...March 26th...don't call, we won't be home...but we'll be renewed until Sept, at least!! PJ's and slippers ...and chocolate...