Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Dining Room

We've been doing some remodeling this winter.
Here is our new dining room.
The kitchen was so cramped & unhandy and the dining room was clear over in another part of the house. So we opened up the wall to the office & turned it into a dining room. This makes it so much handier.
This big table & china cabinets all came with the property. I've never had china hutch's before.
Now I have plenty of room for company.
Come on over. We'll have tea & cake while enjoying a rousing game of Rummy.


lisa said...

That is just beautiful. Someday I will get to do my house, but I think we will wait until the kids are gone! We want to get all the out buildings up and done first then it will finally be time for the house!

Adrienne said...

How inviting! Looks like you could host a whole football team in there! I love all that beautiful wood.

Karen Sue said...

I'll be over in a bit. Thinking I'd like to open the kitchen to the dining room when we re-vamp the kitchen a bit and maybe only have one table and then an island/bar that we could eat on, too.

Karen Sue said...

oops i guess I wasn't done!! I really like the look of yours. My mom opened hers up for a big table room after the kids left, but we all came back with families to eat! And how great to have stuff left behind that looks so nice. Very nice!!

Paula said...

It's soo pretty! I love your hutches and am totally up for a game of Rummy!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Be right there! tee hee

Brittany said...

I love your dining room!!! count me in for rummy too! i'll look at my schedule and see when i can come over for a long weekend :) not in march though :( stinkin work!