Thursday, September 24, 2009

Things in my yard


What on earth is this?

A mutated grasshopper?



You might want to search your yard & see what strange creatures lurk there.


Twisted Fencepost said...

Pretty dog and deer!
Cool mushroom.
Can't see it clearly, but maybe that is a katydid.
But a mutated grasshopper sounds good to me. tee hee
I LOVE THE MONSTER MASH!!! Everytime I hear it on the radio I turn it up!

lisa said...

Lots going on in your yard! Looks entertaining!

Shelby said...

oh your dog is precious :)

Paula said...

I think that giant grasshopper in your yard is a Locus. I'm not sure if that is the right spelling or not, I'll have to google it. I think that because we dissected them in biology one year.

Paula said...

Okay, so it's actually LOCUST - and there are different varieties of them so I can't say for sure but I did find a couple of pictures that look exactly like your little friend. Nothing to worry about unless you start seeing a jillion of them, then you will need to protect your crops! Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote about them in one of her books but I don't remember if they were in the Dakota's then or not. Another thing I must google....LOL!

Janet, said...

Love the sightings in your yard. I'm always walking around looking at things, too. We have deer every evening and I've watched a big mushroom growing against our driveway for the past three days.