Thursday, September 10, 2009


Dawn found this salamander crawling in the garage. Isn't he cute!
There are allot of critters around these parts.
Penny, the little dachshund found a skunk the other day, so had to have a good soaking in peroxide and baking soda. It's the only thing I have found that neutralizes skunk odder. She still has a bit of a smell about her when she gets wet, but thinks it's quite a nice essence of skunk.
My peaceful walk by the lake turned into a yipping howling mess when Fluffy, the Collie decided to see what porcupine tasted like. She got a mouth full of quills, so the walk was cut short to pull quills out of Fluff's face. She even had some stuck right through her tongue. She never once tried to bite me through the painful ordeal. I did have to call Dawn for reinforcement to hold her still enough so I could grab the quills with my pliers and yank them out.
I hope she learned to stay away from porcupines.


Adrienne said...

OH poor pooch! Ouch!

That lizzard is awfully big - I'd rather a lizzard than a snake any day no matter what the size!

Mary said...

Ouch!!! I bet that poor baby was whining!!

Sounds like quite the adventure there.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Cool salamander!
Poor Fluffy! Pliers?! OUCH!!

lisa said...

boy, you do have some critters coming in alot! I could do without the skunk though!! Worst smell ever!

Paula said...

You're having the same old skunk adventures in new lands! Poor Penny! Poor Fluffy! Poor Stacey!
Did you get to save any of the quills for your jewelry making?
I like the Sally-Mander. He's very cute and quite pretty colors.

Nyuki Shotts said...

You are having quite the adventures these days! Hope Fluffy is doing alright.