Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

Wow, Labor Day weekend was labor intensive this year. Aren't you supposed to take a break from work on Labor day weekend?
Certainly not around here. We did get allot accomplished though.
One of my sister in laws, Bernice and her family came over from Michigan and brought a bushel of peach's with them. peach's are my favorite fruit and a bushel is an awful lot of them. We canned & froze the juicy orbs and made a batch of peach jam, yum!!
You will have to stop over for a pie. I've got enough frozen to make a peach pie every two weeks all year long.
Next we transplanted all of the Tiger Lilly's that had been growing around the old rotten porch to new locations. There where gobs of these flowers. We kept looking around for new plots to put them in. there should be splashes of orange all around my yard next Summer.
After that the crew cut down a big old Elm tree that had met it's death and hauled it to the wood shed. We will be grateful for it's warmth when the snow starts piling up.
When the company left on Sunday, we got busy tearing down the ceiling of the house upstairs. What a dirty, itchy job that was. Now it's all ready for insulation to be sprayed between the trusses to make it cozy and warm this winter.


Paula said...

Wow! Sounds like you got a ton of stuff done. Those lillies will be so pretty in the spring!

Adrienne said...

sounds like you guys worked hard! do you hire out? he he ... like travel to Va for maybe some apples? That's all I've got to offer ;-)

Love the new header!

lisa said...

Sounds delicouse, I will be right over! He, he I know what you mean, we worked it also. We did go to the fair but it was later in the afternoon!!

lisa said...

Boy my spelling is horrible today!

Twisted Fencepost said...

All that hard work should be rewarded with peach pie!!!
I love peaches too.
And orange lillies. Can't wait to see pictures.

Shelby said...

now that's some hard work! rest some if you can :)