Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer Lunch with Mom

One of my favorite childhood memories was lunch at home with Mom on Summer days.
We would have tuna fish sandwich's, with dill pickles and mayo. Mom liked hers with strawberry jam. She always drank a Pepsi with her sandwich and if I was lucky I got a sip of the sweet bubbly drink. Us kids drank Koolaid, because pop isn't good for young growing bodies.
Back in those days we got most of our work done in the mornings, so after lunch we had the afternoon stretched out in front of us to pursue our pleasures, reading, drawing, writing, exploring and playing with siblings.
"Those where the Good old Days"


Twisted Fencepost said...

I sure miss those carefree days of summer when I was a child!

lisa said...

Makes us all think of home!

Tipper said...

I remembe days like that too-and they were the good ole days for sure.

Adrienne said...

What a great memory.

I'm gonna have to have a tuna sandwich now ;-)

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I agree, summer as a child was simply magical. Those of us that had a careful summer, full of childhood imagination, a real vacation time, are so blessed.

I remember mom's lunches on the back porch. A lot of soup was devoured on the picnic table. Bittersweet. Mom later apologized to me for being "so poor." My goodness...I never thought one moment about it. I felt rich with my family. :O)

Paula said...

Those days were wonderful and that plate in your picture looks just like Mom. I always thought the strawberry jam thing was strange, though I know that Susan liked it too. I tried it once, after Mom was gone. Didn't like it. But tuna sandwich's still always make me think of Mom.
Good good post!