Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Camping Stories

Some of the camp trailers we looked at this spring where very small.
I'll never live down this story.
While driving in Powell I noticed a cute little trailer with a for sale sign on it parked in a lot, SO I stopped and took a look inside.
It was very cute, so I called up Willie and told him about it. He asked how big the trailer was and I said nineteen inches instead of nineteen feet. There was a pause and then he stated "I can barely get my big toe in that one."
The trailer we did purchase is 30 foot with a bedroom on one end and bunk beds on the other. It is set up pretty well.
Most of them we looked at Dawn would have had to slept where the table sits, folded down into a bed.
That would make a grumpy girl. "Get up, we need to use the table."
I remember as a kid camping by Hermiston Oregon. Our aunt Kathleen would tease us kids. "Get up, we need to use your sheet for a table cloth."


Twisted Fencepost said...

Sounds like something I would have said. And no, I would never live it down either.
Good choice to stop the mornings from being an argument waiting to happen.

Shelby said...

oh dear.. you have moments to look forward to .. funny sweet ones..lots of them.

lisa said...

I missed why you have to be in a camper?

Paula said...

I remember Kathleen saying that. We used that line for years!