Monday, June 29, 2009

Street Etiquette

I found a list of street etiquette printed in a news paper from the 18the century.
They where so prim & proper back in those days.

No yelling "Yo Bro" across the street.

"Ladies walking on the street are not expected to recognize gentlemen or friends on the other side of the road; to do so would necessitate habits of observation inconsistent with lady like respose."

I wonder what they would have thought about people walking down the street talking on their cell phones.

"Gentlemen will not swing their arms, nor sway their bodies in an ungainly manner when walking; ladies are never guilty of any such ungraceful action, and need no counsel in that respect."

No strutting or staggering allowed.
I thought these where quite funny. What allot has changed in the last 100 plus years.


Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Isn't it interesting? I have a fragile book on courtship from a much earlier era. A lot of prim and proper notes were written, along with exact guidelines telling how to write them. A lot of courting was done in a very business-like fashion.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Wonder what they would think of pants hanging to the knees and hats turned sideways?
Interesting stuff.

Shelby said...

that is so interesting.. what WOULD they think of all of us today.. shocking I'm sure.

Paula said...

Funny! I can often be heard walking down the street yelling "Yo Bro!". Now, really, how funny is that. It sounds like rap. Did people really yell that 100 years ago? I'd love to read that whole article. Things like that are so fun.

lisa said...

Things have changed that is for sure. Some not for the good. Like walking down the street half dressed!!

tipper said...

I'd say things have changed! I've often wondered what my grandparents who have passed away-might think about cell phones-and bottled water.