Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dirty Laundry

I've been washing our cloths at the dreaded laundromat since we moved into the camp trailer.
Twice I've gone to a dingy little place in Powell, that is right acrossed from the library, so after throwing in our dirty towels, cloths and getting the washers started I've got just enough time to run over to the library and check my email on their super fast computers. The only problem with that is, both times one of the washers quit cycling, so getting back half an hour later, I've had to wait an extra 30 minutes for the washer to run again. At least there seems to be very few people who use this laundromat.

I decided to try Cody yesterday and being summer and the tourist town it is, both laundry's where very busy, but the washers did keep going, although they cost about twice as much.
It cost 25 cents for just five minutes of drying. I kept chucking more quarters in the machines and finally gave up and brought home partially wet cloths.

At home I strung up a line acrossed the coral and hung the damp cloths on it. Sunshine and a breeze is much more efficient then tumbling around inside a dryer.


Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I'll admit to MY story. Okay, here goes...we occasionally run a very low water table on our farm. The order of presidence is goats get their water first, we get bathing next, and laundry always comes last. I am always conserving water. So that means I occasionally make a trip to the laundrymat. I have a practically brand new set of uprights to do laundry in, but they sit when the water is that low.

Let me tell everyone, and I do not need to tell you, doing laundry away from the home is expensive! And you simply cannot fit as many articles of clothing in their washing machines as you can the machines we use at home.

Like you, when I do decide to take laundry with me. I will drop it off and run chores. I normally carry the wet clothes home in 2 or 3 large baskets, and then I hang them on the line. There is nothing like line dried sheets and towels. They may be stiff, but they smell terrific, for a long time.

I hope is well with you!

Josh said...

I just did my laundry now... and it wasn't too bad. I am lucky I live in an apartment here in New York City that has the laundry shop in the basement of the building, but you have to deal with certain bugs that this city is famous for.... LOL

I do miss my laundry on the 38th floor at my apartment in Chicago... it was really nice and even took a card so no fumbling with having enough quarters.

Paula said...

Maybe you need to just wash them all in the galvanized cattle tanks. It would save quarters, time and aggravation. Might be a little slimy, but so what? It would certainly keep Dawn busy!

Twisted Fencepost said...

I have had my days at the laundrymat. It's nice to get it all done at once. But lugging them there and back and sitting a waiting is for the birds.

Shelby said...

I'm with Paula - do it all at once (as much as you can) in the big giant whoppers..

hang in there..

Adrienne said...

I remember those days! I was glad when my hubbie and i started to date b/c he had a washer and dryer in his condo ;-) I tell him I married him for his laundry facilities - ha! I used to lug two or three huge baskets down from my apt (on the 3rd floor) drive across town and then lug them up to his condo (on the 3rd floor). If he was home he would haul it for me - that's love I say ... carrying my smelly clothes up 3 flights of stairs!

Ed said...

LOL! if you had any idea of some of the laundry places I've wash my duds on the road and encountered all sorts of folks you would laugh. Someplaces I'd go back to and others, well....