Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ghost Story

The year that I was 13 my family bought 40 acres of beautiful property in the northeast corner of Oregon.

It had everything a family would want, a creek, a pond, gorgeous views & plenty of trees & bushes for kids to play in. It even hosted it's own resident ghost.

Mom & Dad picked out the perfect spot for a pole shed, with living quarters, that would become our temporary home, while building a log house up on the hill. Early that fall, when the evenings began to turn crisp, we noticed some mysterious occurrences.

We had moved in before drilling a well, so had no running water. Consequently we had to carry water from the pond for our menagerie of animals.

One dusky evening, while at the pond we heard people calling "Karen, Karen" We quickly packed the water in that night. It continued to happen, so there was no lolly gagging at the pond in the evenings.

Sometimes the sent of a sweaty man hung in the air.

While we, "Noisy children" where in school & Mom was at home alone, she would often have things pulled from her hands & would see a little girl sitting on the ladder leading up to the loft.

Even though I heard the calls for "Karen" I never truly believed we really had a ghost until one day in the middle of the afternoon.

The bus dropped us off as usual at the end of the driveway.

I was the first one down the driveway & to my dismay, saw a little girl running around our yard. She had long blond hair & wore a long dress.

I went in the house expecting my Mom to be visiting with a lady friend & said "Mom who's here."

We had no visitors, only a ghostly apparition, by the name of "Karen"

We believe "Karen" was a little girl from the 18 hundreds, traveling with her family. She must have become lost on the property we later purchased. Her parents ghosts have been searching for her ever since.

Children have always felt safe & comfortable around my Mom, so I believe, Karen liked to play at our house while we where in school.

Do you have any ghost story's?


Twisted Fencepost said...

What a great story!
A friend had a Confederate soldier that lived in their house. He looked in on them a night and turned sideways in the hall to let them pass. I never seen it, but they swore it was true. said...


I am going to post my favorite ghost story and link it back to you! What a great idea!


Paula said...

Of course, I grew up with Karen like you did, but we've had several ghosts since then. The last one was in our little blue cottage, but he only visited one time. We had just moved in, Riff was off to work and the kids were at school. It was still fairly early in the morning and I was down in the basement starting a load of laundry when a man said, just as plain as if he was standing beside me, "Good Morning!". Thinking that our neighbor had popped in, I ran upstairs but no one was there. I searched the house...nothing. I went back downstairs and said "Good morning to you too!". Apparently an old resident of the house felt the need to greet me and welcome me to his home. I never heard from him again.

Mary said...

Ah, ghosts! I have several ghost stories but the one I'll tell you about is our resident ghost - the one that lives in this house.

She is fascinated with clothes dryers and washing machines. We suspect she lived here in the late 1800s or early 1900s. She is more active when there are babies living in the house, but you never know when she will be looking in the clothes dryer. I have only seen her once. She appears to be in Victorian dress and about 20 to 25 years old. She is a friendly ghost, so I welcome her after one of the others I had.

Enjoyed your story.