Thursday, October 9, 2008

Beef Stew

Doesn't this look like great ingredients for beef stew. It all came out of my garden this year. Root crops seemed to do the best for some reason.

Here is the recipe:

1 pkg. stew seasoning

2 lbs. beef stew meat

3 Tbsp. flour

2Tbsp. oil 3 cups water

5 cups cut up veggies

1. coat beef with flour. heat oil in skillet. Add beef; cook until browned on all sides.

2. put all ingredients in crock pot & let cook all day

This recipe works great with wild game to. The first year we where married we had an old elk in the freezer. That meat needed to simmer all day, so it would be tender enough to chew!


StitchinByTheLake said...

I've copied your recipe but I don't remember seeing stew seasoning - I'll have to look for it. blessings, marlene

Paula said...

MMmmm...your veggies look good! What a great fall dinner! said...

Seasonal recipes thrill me. They speak to my soul. If they paved my driveway--- well, I might confess my undying love to them.

You are so sweet to post this and with such pretty pictures!

Oh yes, I posted the third installment to my untitled story (STILL untitled).


Yolanda said...

Sounds so good. I would love to have some. I too love Cosmos.