Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Turn the page Tuesday/ The Light at the End of the World

                2013 starts off the with turn the page Tuesday.
         I just finished "The Light at the End of the World" by Lorraine Dopson. I picked this book up at a thrift shop and it has been sitting on my shelf for quiet awhile. Looking at the back I realized the author a counselor, artist and writer lives in Bismark approximately 100 miles south of our farm. Perhaps I will meet her someday? This is a fascinating book and one of the best I have ever read.

"We danced in the night until we became the night, our feet kicking up stars"
 Thistle's words could have been spoken by any of those around her, the people of the Mother, a peaceful folk roaming Europe's windswept plains. For this is the time of the Great Mother, a primal period in which humans experience themselves as part of a group, not as separate beings. But around 10,000 B.C., some among them sense a warning of change.

Through no more than a child, Thistle ponders her elders words and ways. Puzzling images soon come to her as well, forcing her to set out on a journey for the truth. Her path takes her to to the camp of the Arn, yellow haired giants with eyes like the sea, then leads her through loss and loneliness to the terrifying realization that will change her life forever.

 The Light at the End of the World is not only Thistle's story. It is the tale of all who lived at the end of the last Ice Age, an era remembered in myth as the time "when sky made war on earth" taking our ancestors to the threshold of catastrophe. And perhaps it is our story as well. In the turbulent decades that await us, our challenges are the same: to align ourselves with love rather than fear and to remember that everywhere we walk is sacred ground.

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Happy Reading!


Adrienne said...

oh wow! That is goin' on my list. Isn't it great when you pull a good one of the shelf that was gathering dust but know fills you happiness. Happy New Year!

lisa said...

Happy New Year!

Paula said...

That sounds really good!

I totally forgot it was "Tuesday" today - oops! I'll have to post mine later in the week.

Paula said...

I had to start a new blog in order to continue posting pictures. Turns out that after so long (for me it was 4 years!) you run out of the free space you're allocated for blogger pictures. Who knew? Anyway, you can pay for it, but I just decided to start again. I'm at www.rainynightcottage.blogspot.com now

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