Sunday, December 30, 2012

Be inspired

  I took down the Christmas decorations and did a bit of redecorating. The fire place mantel was looking a bit drab, so I redistributed the decor that had been sitting above the fireplace and searched high and low for just the right pieces to accessorize our mantel. I think it looks much brighter and cheerier now.
 Out with the old and in with the new.
 on another note I've come up with my 2013 new years resolution. To be inspired and enjoy the good things life has to give. I want to surround myself with things that inspire me. Good music, pleasant scents, the wind blowing through my hair, watching the dogs, the sound of birds, gazing at the sky, skiing, skating and hiking, going out on the boat, an ice cold beer, ice tea, good memories, good books and there is so much more......
What inspires you?


lisa said...

The mantle looks nice. I am taking down the decorations tomorrow! Good music, the horses, and my weaving along with my wonderful hubby! That is what inspires me!

Paula said...

Riff and I tore down Christmas decorations in record time yesterday. I left our mantle bare with just two starfish for right now and pulled down the curtains to wash and freshen up as well. Out with the old!

Adrienne said...

Your mantel is wonderful! My decorations are down but not quite all packed away yet. My mantel is still in process as I'm doing what you did. I'm trying to add a few 'new' things from my stash of belongings. I'm inspired by good books, good music, family and friends and the beauty of nature - most of all by God's love and goodness to me!