Sunday, January 6, 2013

Come Outside & Play

It's a beautiful day.
Time to go outside and play.
Don't stay in the house feeling glum.
Come outside and have some fun.
It makes no difference what you do.
When your outside you can't be blue.
It's 20 above. Not 20 below.
A perfect day to play in the snow.
You could go fishing on Antelope Lake.
A big walleye you might take.
Go on a snow machine ride,
or over the snow your ski's could glide.
Just have fun, whatever you do.
When you come back in,
Your spirit will be renewed.


Susan said...

So very true! Being outside in the sparkling sun and snow is the best!!! And then coming in by a warm fire with rosy, glowing cheeks and having a hot beverage even better!

Paula said...

I would go
but there's no snow!
Outside is green and gray;
Still a perfect place to play!

Adrienne said...

and have some hot chocolate too!

Painting Artist, Inc- Port St. Lucie, FL Painting and Pressure Washing said...

I like this unfortunately in FL we have no snow! :( Painting Artist, Inc

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