Sunday, September 30, 2012

Home Made Apple Sause

 My favorite sent this time of year is apples & cinnamon.

 I love picking apples then bringing their deliciousness home to brew into a big pot of apple sauce. In the past I have always spent the entire day peeling, coring and chopping away but this year my friend Audrey loaned me her sauce maker. This handy dandy tool saves lots of time. You just boil the apples whole or quartered and run them through the processor. Out comes apple sauce to season to your taste. (I like mine sweet with Cinnamon)

 After using this wonderful time saving gadget I immediately went on line and ordered myself one.

 May the wonderful scents of Autumn waif through your house this season.


lisa said...

That is quite the machine! We love applesauce too, I just canned apple slices last year. This year not too much canning was done:(

Paula said...

Cool! I bet your house smells delicious and you can't wait to get your new gadget!

Anonymous said...

I have been making applesauce too!
I use it in my fruitcakes for the holidays.......
makes them moist and good.

Stacy.....try a little lemon extract and some fresh
ground nutmeg in your applesauce sometime for
a different taste treat! That's how we like it.

Miss you.......your friend Kate